We find your weaknesses before the hackers do

Kovert was founded in January of 2021. We are a remote-first company with 5 employees located all over Norway. Our specialty is security testing, be it web applications, networks, social engineering, hardware testing or physical penetration testing.

Our core values are

  • Integrity

  • Research and Development

  • Community

Kovert works to deliver quality over quantity, and integrity is in the foundation of our work. To push IT security forward, we have taken on a responsibility to keep aquiring new knowledge and skills, and share these with the community. For this reason, we actively sponsor conferences, non-profits and individuals who contribute to the community.

Although we are a young company, Kovert aims to become one of Europe's leading companies for offensive security within 5 years, and believes that with targeted work based on our core values, we can achieve this.

Our employees

Photo of Martin Ingesen

Martin Ingesen

Founder & CEO

Photo of Vetle Hjelle

Vetle Hjelle

Senior Penetrationtester

Photo of Geir Eklund

Geir Eklund

Senior Penetrationtester

Melvin Langvik

Senior Penetrationtester

Photo of Cecilie Halvorsen

Cecilie Halvorsen

Back Office Manager

Photo of a anonymous person

Felix Albrigtsen

Part-time software developer