We find your weaknesses before the hackers do

Kovert was founded in January of 2021. We are a remote-first company with 5 employees located all over Norway. Our specialty is security testing, be it web applications, networks, social engineering, hardware testing or physical penetration testing.

Our core values are

  • Integrity

  • Research and Development

  • Community

Kovert works to deliver quality over quantity, and integrity is in the foundation of our work. To push IT security forward, we have taken on a responsibility to keep aquiring new knowledge and skills, and share these with the community. For this reason, we actively sponsor conferences, non-profits and individuals who contribute to the community.

Although we are a young company, Kovert aims to become one of Europe's leading companies for offensive security within 5 years, and believes that with targeted work based on our core values, we can achieve this.

Our employees

Photo of Martin Ingesen

Martin Ingesen

Founder & CEO

Photo of Vetle Hjelle

Vetle Hjelle

Senior Penetrationtester

Photo of Geir Eklund

Geir Eklund

Senior Penetrationtester

Photo of Cecilie Halvorsen

Cecilie Halvorsen

Back Office Manager

Photo of a anonymous person

Felix Albrigtsen

Part-time software developer

Photo of a anonymous person