Make the unknown known with
Attack Surface Management

The only thing constant is change, and modern organizations are experiencing that their external attack surface keeps growing. With multiple cloud vendors, new applications, expanding infrastructure and security flaws inherited through M&A, the work for security teams become increasingly complex and difficult.

That is where Kovert can step in to help!

With Managed Attack Surface Management from Kovert, we monitor your organization and help you identify, assess and mitigate your exposures

    Identify & strengthen the weak points in your infrastructure

    Utilizing open and private sources of intelligence, along with our proprietary information gathering systems, we uncover your assets across the whole internet.

    Uncover Exposed Assets

    We map, categorize your assets, both those who are known, unknown, third party and impersonating your brand

    Monitor changes in your evergrowing attack surface

    We continously monitor for changes in your evolving attack surface, to ensure that even the smallest changes get scrutinized by our analysts

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