Conduct a quick check of your organization to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your networks and IT systems

Fast vulnerability scan and breach lookup for your organization. Get an initial overview of your exposed attack surface with QuickCheck, and plan your future investments into cyber security.

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7 500 NOK
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  • Vulnerability scan

  • Report with findings

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  • Vulnerability scan

  • Search for breached credentials

  • Report with findings

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QuickCheck is as easy as 1-2-3!

A vulnerability scan will in most cases be the first step in more extensive security tests. Therefore, such a scan will be a good basis for further security work.

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2. Scoping meeting

In a quick scoping meeting with you, we'll get the right IPs and websites for the check.

3. We start working

We get to work running our QuickCheck, keeping you in the loop regarding our progress and report.

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The report will contain

Executive summary

A concise summary that can be understood by everyone in the management team. The summary summarizes the findings of interest to the organisation.

Technical findings

Report containing all identified vulnerabilities with an associated description, risk classification and mitigation proposal.

Technical overview

An overview of discovered exposed technical services the business has within the defined scope.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a penetration test and a vulnerability scan?

A vulnerability scan is an automated test that only identifies commonly known vulnerabilities, while a penetration test is done by a skilled consultant that examines the systems using manual techniques. A penetration test provides a more thorough assessment of the security posture of the organization, and simulates how an adversary may exploit the vulnerabilities. A vulnerability scan is in most cases the first step in a more comprehensive penetration test. Therefore, such a scan provides a good basis for further security testing.

What is a search for breached credentials?

The overwhelming majority of hacking related breaches involve compromised or weak passwords. We conduct searches in large databases which contain credentials leaked via third party breaches, and give you a report over which accounts we have seen in recent breaches.